KISS AND TELL by Loretta Hill

When Alex’s sister dies in a tragic car accident, she is left as the legal guardian to her sister’s two young daughters. A budding freelance journalist, Alexis barely makes enough money for herself, let along a mini-family. Upon learning that the elusive jazz singer Max Deroux is coming to town to celebrate his thirtieth birthday, Alexis realizes that this could be her big chance to turn things around. Getting an exclusive interview with this famous recluse is worth thousands. She had expected that crashing his birthday ball while pretending to be a rich socialite would be hard. And managing to get some alone time with him even harder. But what Alexis hadn’t counted on was her professional interest turning into attraction and her indifference becoming admiration. Max is everything she’s ever wanted in a man. If only she wasn’t everything he’s always hated…







Alternative Lifestyle/LGBT:

Naughty Little Tidbits: Disturbing Behaviour


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Comments: This was a good book, with a really fun start. I read it fast. Fun, climatic romance.

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