Rating System


  1. intense making out that may or may not lead to sex, Sex talk
  2. kissing + touching over clothes, more graphic sex talk
  3. kissing + taking off clothes, touching naked parts. Non-graphic mentioning of teens or young unmarried adults having sex and /or making light of it.
  4.  for excessive use of any of the previous categories.
  5. NON-GRAPHIC Sex of any kind between unmarried individuals or married individuals
  6. Excessive NON-GRAPHIC sex of any kind
  7. NON-GRAPHIC Sexual deviation/violent rape /fetishes/ molestation/prostitution
  8. SEMI-GRAPHIC Sex of any kind.
  9. GRAPHIC sex between anyone (including oral ETC)
  10. GRAPHIC Sexual deviation/violent rape /fetishes/ molestation/prostitution (ETC)


1.Bullying happens by teenagers

2.This is about youth bullying but not in a positive or spreading awareness way. Bullying happens by criminals, to get what they want.

3.Fantasy/sci-fy violence that is unrealistic with no gore or blood.

4.For excessive use of above category, tending to injuries where said injuries are described vividly. Bullying happens and ends in violent acts

5.Medical or police or criminology description of violent crimes scenes.

6.Suicide happens regardless of reason.

7.Lots of shooting of bad guys, lots of bad guys shooting at good guys, bombs, knifes cutting, some blood, some gore.

8.Excessive use of above category, more blood, more descriptions.

9.Violent crimes, violent killings, blood, gore, psychopaths doing their worst.

10.Excessively graphic detailing of violent crimes.


  1. This book is intense
  2. excessive 1
  3. This is wigging me out

4.excessive 3

5.supernatural scary stuff, fear tactics, freaky brain teasing

6.Horror elements of any kind

  1. excessive 6

8.scary psychopaths

9.excessive 8

10.This is a freaking scary book. I will have nightmares for a week.


1.sassy words, talk

2.Potty words- piss, suck, crap, butt-hole, butt-head, douche bag, boobies ETC

3.For excessive use


5.Soft ball cuss words and more vial potty mouth- h*ll, d*mn, sh*t, c*nt, OMG,ETC

6.For excessive use


  1. anything above in excess, I cringe cuss words- plus F*ck, B*tch, B*stard, Jesus or Christ (in vain) G*d-d*mn
  2. F*ck, B*tch, B*stard, Jesus or Christ (in vain) G*d-d*mn  Said less than 10 times.

10.Excessive use of below


1.Alcohol is talked about

  1. Alcohol is briefly used by friends or associates

3.Main characters partaken Alcohol and it is talked of through out.

  1. Alcohol is made out to be normal behavior.

5.Drugs talked about

6.Alcohol-Lots of use, acting like its normal, peer pressure to those not partaking. Glamorizing it.

7.Drugs briefly used by friends or associates

8.Main characters partake in Drugs and it is talked of through out.

9.Drugs are made out to be normal behavior.

10.Lots of use, acting like its normal, peer pressure to those not partaking. Glamorizing it.

Alternative lifestyles/LGBT 

  1. It is mentioned
  2. It is mentioned, with sub plot points, and minor character
  3. It is a theme or a main point or a main characters
  4. It is glamorized and/or detailed and/or described in a brainwashing/propaganda type of way
  5. LGBTTQQIAAP, BDSM, Swinging, polyamory, relationships are mentioned

6.LGBTTQQIAAP, BDSM, Swinging, polyamory, relationships are mentioned, with sub plot points, and minor character

7.LGBTTQQIAAP, BDSM, Swinging, polyamory, relationships are a theme or a main point or a main characters

8.LGBTTQQIAAP, BDSM, Swinging, polyamory, relationships are glamorized and/or detailed and/or described

9.LGBTTQQIAAP, BDSM, Swinging, polyamory, relationships preached in a brainwashing/propaganda type of way

10.This is a novel primarily about LGBTTQQIAAP, BDSM, Swinging, polyamory, relationships contains graphic details on subject.


Alternative Lifestyles: Nudism, Living in unusual communities (communes, intentional communities or ecovillages) Lifestyle travellers, housetruckers, New Age travellers, vegetarianism, veganism, freeganism, meditation, hypnosis, reincarnation, feng shui, Alternative spiritual practices, Extreme Eastern religions within Hinduism, Taoism, Shintoism, ETC., non-technological or anti-technology lifestyle.

LGBT Lifestyles: LGBTTQQIAAP (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally, Panssexual) BDSM, Swinging, polyamory,