Theresa Pocock

Theresa has been writing for fifteen years and has more story ideas than she could possibly write and still have a life. She is an avid audible ‘reader’, board game lover, Zelda player, book collector, adventure chaser, and history ‘studier’, besides being a mother of three, a musician and a homeschooler. Also in her life are, a white Schmorkie named Percy Jackson, a hot husband named Andy and many many supportive and amazing friends. She lives on the Olympic Peninsula but is an Idaho girl at heart. You can contact Theresa at theresapocockauthor@gmail.com or see some of the books she’s reviewed at cleanlit.com.

J.P. Choquette is the author of thriller novels set in Vermont. Her books, “turn pages, not stomachs,” and frequently tie in the themes of art, nature, and psychology. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers organization.

A lover of Gothic books and movies, J.P. enjoys being in nature with her family, spending time in old cemeteries, and drinking hot beverages, preferably with a book in hand.  

Some of Melanie Atkinson’s happiest memories are from the summers she stayed with her grandmother at her home on the cliffs of the Oregon coast. Many of those experiences show up in her writing and still spark her imagination.
When she isn’t writing stories (something she realized she loved to do at the age of eight) or dreaming of living near the ocean, she’s caring for her four children, sewing dresses from vintage patterns, or playing in Photoshop.
Visit her website at www.cityofnethra.com.

Jennifer DeMille

Jennifer is 38 years old. She is married with two kids, and has been gifted with four step children. She lives and works in Blackfoot, ID. She is a social worker in the mental health field, and most of her clients are in mental health court. She has always loved reading, and it has been a great escape from the stresses of her everyday life. (Which can be overwhelming at times!) She enjoys reading all different types of genres, and tries to stretch out of her comfort zone often.

Suzy Webb

I love books! I have 5 grown kids whom I read to every day when they were young. I went through the JRR Tolkien Lord of the Ring series including the Silmarillion five times while rocking and feeding babies way back in the 70s and 80s. I am still reading every spare minute! I love fiction, fantasy, mystery to spy novels. One of these days I just may sit down and write my own book!