THE YIELDING by Tamara Leigh

Book 2: Age of Faith

She had killed a man. Or so it was said. Convent-bound Lady Beatrix Wulfrith is determined to aid her sister in escaping marriage to their family’s enemy. Unaware of the sacrifice that awaits her, she leads their pursuers astray only to meet with an accident that forever alters her destiny and takes the life of a young knight whose brother vows he will not rest until the lady is brought to justice. Lord Michael D’Arci is a warrior and womanizer whose foul mouth and impatience bode ill for all who trespass against him. Falsely accused of ravishment years earlier, he refuses to believe Lady Beatrix’s accusations against his deceased brother. However, when he finds himself at the mercy of that same woman who clings to her convictions and faith even when it threatens to prove her undoing, his quest for justice wavers.







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Comments: This is a book that uses the non communication strategy to create tension; it is an oldie but a goodie as plot movers go, but still it is not my favorite. Regardless I really liked this book. The Author does a great job creating these characters and it is clean.

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