Get ready to meet Jase, Kieran, Zade, and Issik, the last dragon descendants. Olivia Campbell’s life gets turned upside down when her mother suddenly passes away. Left with only a stepdad who despises her, she turns to the streets. Penniless and alone in the Chicago winter, how much worse can it get? She is about to find out. A chance encounter with a stranger who has the most breathtaking violet eyes changes her world. Just a warm smile and a quick flash of dimples is all that it takes to capture her interest in Jase Dior. Olivia wonders if her luck has finally returned. She soon finds out that Jase collects things—pretty girls to be precise. A glimpse of her sultry honey hair in an alley excites him. He must have her. And he isn’t taking no for an answer. Jase sweeps Olivia off the streets to the Veil Isles—a mystical and hidden land uncharted by any mortal and ruled by the only dragon coven left in the world. What the hell did she get herself into? Four dragons. One headstrong heroine. And a reverse-harem fantasy romance that could change the fate of a dying race.



I don't recall actual sex sex, but there is all sorts of sexual content.





Alternative Lifestyle/LGBT:

reverse harem

Naughty Little Tidbits: "Hollywood" Teenage Behaviour, Disturbing Behaviour


Writing Style:


Main Characters:


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Comments: I really thought there were some great parts to this book. It reminded me A LOT of a series I read a while ago (the curse of the gods) they are VERY similar, in more than the reverses haram thing. This one moved quicker though. I liked the narrator a lot. I liked the man/dragon thing a lot. I liked the plot also. BUT I did not like the main character. by the end of the book I did not care enough about her to want to read more of her story. Also, I thought some of the dialogue was cheesy and forced.

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