THE LIST by Siobhan Vivian

An intense look at the rules of high school attraction — and the price that’s paid for them.

It happens every year before homecoming — the list is posted all over school. Two girls are picked from each grade. One is named the prettiest, one the ugliest. The girls who aren’t picked are quickly forgotten. The girls who are become the center of attention, and each reacts differently to the experience.







Alternative Lifestyle/LGBT:

bullying involving LGBT

Naughty Little Tidbits: "Hollywood" Teenage Behaviour, Disturbing Behaviour, Disrespect Loving Authority Figures, Disrespect Rules/Laws, Bad Role Model


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Main Characters:


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Comments: This book was addictive in the same way, BEFORE I FALL was. It sacred me to death thinking that some kids, some where, might have gone through something like this. This is a look at all the ugly that's out there in the teen world. It truly is horrifying and you can't stop because you are so invested in these poor kids, you have to see how they end up.It is very well written. However, the morality of this book is just what you would expect. Not good. I cannot recommend this book except as a warning for mothers. Watch for this stuff. Most of the time there are lots of clues about what your kids are going through, if we just look and try to wade through the emotional crap and figure it out. I hope I can do as much for my kids.

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