CONFIGURED by Jenetta Penner

In the future love will make you a traitor.

120 years after a virus decimated earth’s population the survivors thrive in safety, away from the death and destruction of the Outerbounds. Divided into three levels of intellect, Citizens focus solely on duty.

Due to her advanced intelligence, seventeen-year-old Avlyn Lark is separated from her twin brother at birth and raised by adoptive parents. She gains privilege, the ideal future. He dies. Avlyn barely knows him yet remains linked to his memory.

But following a string of rebel intrusions on the city, Avlyn receives a cryptic message and begins seeing visions of her dead twin. The mysterious radical who urges Avlyn to join their fight becomes her link to answers. Freedom.

Opportunity awaits, but if she says yes will she lose it all?







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Comments: Talk about an interesting dystopian. I've read so many and I like the way they all start, whether they can finish it is the question, In this, the tech is great. The system is dystopian typical but in a unique way. I feel like there are some HUGE holes I hope the author will fill. However I'm not super hopeful in this arena. I have thus far only read two series where the author actually pulls it all together in a logical, emotional, social, and entertaining way: (Hunger games, and The Partials). I have a HUGE issue with authors not starting with a finish in mind, so... I liked this one enough to wanna start the next book and we will see what happens.

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